Confronting Hidden Hunger: How Fish Can Fill Health Gaps Around the World [video lecture]

Lora Iannotti

Associate Professor in Public Health and Director of the E3 Nutrition Lab at Washington University in St. Louis

Millions experience deficiencies in zinc, iron, iodine, and vitamins A and B12, which are nutrients found bioavailable in fish foods. In Lora Iannotti’s seminar on hidden hunger, she addresses food security from her perspective as the nutrition specialist for the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Fish. She dives into the topics of global nutrition and the great potential fish has as a source of nutrition, as well as highlights her work as the lead principal investigator for the Fish Innovation Lab project called Samaki Salama, which means “fish security” in Kiswahili.

“Hidden hunger affects people all the way around the world from Starkville, Mississippi, to Kenya,” Iannotti said. “Through an integrated approach, like that of the Fish Innovation Lab, it is possible to reach vulnerable populations and make a positive impact through sustainable fish nutrition.”


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Published February 15, 2022