The Fish Innovation Lab has funded projects in aquaculture and fisheries industries in our target regions of East Africa, West Africa, and Asia.  To read more about specific projects, please visit the projects page.

Our Approach

The Fish Innovation Lab supports and links research partners around the globe to identify, develop, and scale up promising methodologies and technologies for local aquaculture and fisheries, and to intensify and diversify major production systems where vulnerable and undernourished communities are concentrated. The research program cultivated by the Fish Innovation Lab aims to produce applicable research results, increase the capacity of local partners, and support the adoption of new innovations. Our approach has the following key elements:

  • We engage U.S. and host-country multidisciplinary experts in the development of research priorities to solve problems using an integrated-systems approach.
  • We focus research in strategic aquaculture and fisheries zones of influence.
  • We engage experts on cross-cutting themes at all stages of project development, research, and analysis/dissemination.
  • We leverage private industry partnerships and mobile digital technologies.
  • We implement a balanced approach that considers both aquaculture and fisheries management.

Theory of Change

The Fish Innovation Lab’s theory of change reflects the tremendous potential of aquaculture and fisheries to impact the goals of the Feed the Future program. Read more on the theory of change page

Areas of Inquiry

The Fish Innovation Lab focuses on three program areas:

  • Improving Production
  • Mitigating Risk
  • Improving Human Outcomes

Read more about these areas of inquiry on the program areas pages.

Cross-Cutting Themes

The Fish Innovation Lab has four cross-cutting themes, which are incorporated into each funded project and guide the lab's work overall.

  • Mainstreaming Gender Equity and Youth Inclusion
  • Advancing Human and Institutional Capacity Development
  • Strengthening Resilience
  • Advancing Nutrition

Read more about each on the cross-cutting themes page