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Survey Examines Fish Health to Improve Aquaculture Biosecurity in Nigeria

The Improving Biosecurity in Catfish and Tilapia Production team conducted a fish epidemiology and health economics survey to help improve biosecurity in Nigerian catfish and tilapia aquaculture.

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Integrated Rice-Prawn/Shrimp-Vegetable Farming System

In this video, Bangladesh farmers describe their successes using an integrated farming system to produce rice, shrimp/prawns, and vegetables.

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Women's Employment in the Aquaculture Value Chain

This video, produced by the Machine Learning for Better Aquaculture project, highlights women’s increasing participation in fish and vegetable markets in Bangladesh.

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Youth Employment in Aquaculture Value Chain (Wholesale Market)

This video features youth working in a wholesale market, an example of increasing employment opportunities for young people in the aquaculture value chain in Bangladesh.

Image Alternative Text: A picture of the people who joined the Delta South and Central Senatorial District training.

Recent Trainings in Nigeria Taught the Importance of Food Safety in Fish Processing

The Nourishing Nations’ August trainings provided Nigerians with new approaches to fish processing, taught them how to prevent food contamination, and promoted the benefits of adding fish to their diets.

Image Alternative Text: Grace Adegoye holding a photo book from her recent trainings in Nigeria

Our People Story: Grace Adegoye from the Nourishing Nations team

Grace Adegoye, a Ph.D. candidate at Mississippi State University, tells about what led her to work alongside the Fish Innovation Lab's Nourishing Nations team.

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Economic assessment of freshwater carp polyculture in Bangladesh: Profit sensitivity, economies of scale and liquidity

The "Genome sequencing and development of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers from Rohu in Bangladesh" team's peer-reviewed journal article was accepted and appears in Aquaculture. Read the full publication to find out more about the project's results.

Image Alternative Text: Tony Yon demonstrates how to record the GPS coordinates using the cameras to a group of citizen science participants.

Fishers in Cambodia Use Citizen Science Program to Improve Their Fishery

The "Increasing Sustainability of Fisheries and Aquaculture for Resilience of Cambodian Communities" project, in their success story, tells how their citizen science program is increasing innovation and improving the local fishery in Cambodia.

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A Zambia Project is Mitigating Risks by Assessing Invasive Crayfish

The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Fish is working with communities in the Kafue Floodplain and Lake Kariba in Zambia to understand the distribution and impact of invasive crayfish.

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Replacing fishmeal with a single cell protein feedstuff in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) diets

The "Replacing fishmeal with single cell proteins in tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) diets in Zambia" team's peer-reviewed journal article was accepted and appears in Animal Feed Science and Technology journal. Check out the project's full study and results.