Image Alternative Text: Elin Torell

Meet the Deputy Director: Elin Torell

"I believe it is critical to take an integrated approach to fisheries management where you consider how human behaviors and context, including population and health, influence the choices people make within the fisheries sector."

Image Alternative Text: F2F volunteer Karen Veverica at Lake Kariba in Zambia, during a field trip as part of training of trainers for a Zambian Ministry's aquaculture project

Virtual Farmer-to-Farmer Assignments in the Time of COVID-19

The USAID-funded John Ogonowski and Doug Bereuter Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) Program is a volunteer program which provides technical assistance to farmers, farm groups, agribusinesses and other agriculture sector institutions in developing and transitional countries to promote sustainable improvements in food security and agricultural processing, production, and marketing.

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$5.7 million to fight global hunger awarded by MSU-based Fish Innovation Lab

Through the $5.7 million, the Fish Innovation Lab is supporting 12 research-for-development projects focused on aquaculture and fisheries activities along the fish value chain in Bangladesh (3), Cambodia (2), Kenya (1), Nigeria (5) and Zambia (1).

Image Alternative Text: Bangladeshi farmers and researchers sample rohu for genome sequencing

Detailed Country Listing of New Fish Innovation Lab Projects

The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Fish has awarded $5.7 million USD to 12 research-for-development projects to address food and nutrition security in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Kenya, Nigeria, and Zambia.

Image Alternative Text: fish curry w/ radish

Returning to Our Roots: Punti Fish Curry with White Radish

Over our long evolutionary past, approximately 2 million years, we subsisted on foods collected through hunting, fishing, and gathering. Scientists have shown that hominins from the ancestor family of Homo sapiens or modern humans lived near water and consumed many different types of fish, including freshwater species like the punti in this recipe (similar to common carp).

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Meet the Nutrition Specialist: Lora Iannotti

"We have to figure out how to nourish well 10 billion people while simultaneously protecting our planet. I believe these two challenges are intertwined, and thus, the solutions should also be connected."

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U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization highlights MSU partnership to strengthen food security

he Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations is highlighting its partnership with Mississippi State University to develop and enhance animal and veterinary public health, plant and fish health, food safety and nutrition programs.

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2019-2020 Fish Innovation Lab Graduates

This academic year, four student researchers on Fish Innovation Lab project graduated from their colleges and universities.

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Increased Fish Intake Improves Brain Development for Young Children

Although she had been feeding fish to her children already, Matunda Said now gives them even more of this nutrient-rich food. Packed with long-chain fatty acids and other nutrients, fish can be a critical source of nutrients linked to improved brain development in young children.

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Meet the East Africa Specialist: Austin Humphries

"I wish more people knew how vitally important fish is to not only the livelihood and wellbeing of individuals in developing economies, but also to their cultural identity and spiritual health. Untangling these can be difficult since they represent shared histories with the environment."