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Fish Innovation Lab Overview Video

In this video, learn about the Fish Innovation Lab's work to alleviate poverty and improve nutrition in vulnerable populations through reliable and inclusive provision of fish.

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Increasing the Capacity for Achieving Sustainable Fisheries Management in Kenya

The Achieving Fisheries Sustainability in a Climate Sanctuary project team is helping to build the capacity for sustainable fisheries management in Kenya. Read their success story to learn how Ashura Pamba and Mwambwiza Tuweni are contributing to…

Image Alternative Text: Catherine Sarange, the Samaki Salama nutrition educator, had an interactive nutrition education session during a home visit. Maria, seen with her youngest child on her lap, listened keenly to the advice and asked many questions.

Personalized Home Visits Increase Knowledge on the Importance of Consuming Fish in Coastal Kenya

The Samaki Salama project team has been working to address food security challenges through the implementation of an integrated strategy that targets caregivers and fishers with information about child nutrition, health, diet diversity, and…

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Achieving Coral Reef Fishery Sustainability in East African Biodiversity and Climate Refugia Centers

In this video, learn how this activity is working with communities in Kenya to identify and implement fishery restrictions that will help increase production and improve food security.

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Using Fish to Mitigate Malnutrition: Research to Test Innovative, Sustainable Approaches

Watch the recording of the Fish Innovation Lab's virtual side event during the 2021 Norman E. Borlaug International Dialogue.

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Quick Start Results, Lessons Learned, and Next Steps

In its first and second year, the Fish Innovation Lab funded five “Quick Start” activities. These were short (12-15 month) activities designed to kick-start the Fish Innovation Lab’s research-for-development activities on the ground.This document…

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Results and Findings from SecureFish Team

The SecureFish team has released an executive summary of findings and results from a study of nutrition, especially in young children, in fisher families along the Kenya Coast. Results also indicate opportunities for improvements in fish value chain…

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2020 Research Results from the Fish Innovation Lab

“Some of our proudest accomplishments this year are the impressive results from our Quick Start projects, results that are informing further research and development with partner institutions, government officials, and other groups in the zones of…

Image Alternative Text: Stakeholders take a fisheries literacy exam in southern coastal Kenya

Exam Tests Knowledge of Fisheries and Sustainability

The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Fish (Fish Innovation Lab) is working with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) in Kenya to secure coral reef sanctuaries from increasing climate change disturbances. Once these sanctuaries are identified,…

Image Alternative Text: Mama Karanga processing (descaling, cleaning insides and cutting into pieces) fish at Uyombo landing site

Key Takeaways for Sustainable Fishery and Improved Nutrition in Coastal Kenya

The SecureFish project has four key takeaways that will inform future work in the study communities: 1) Resource scarcity and cultural beliefs limit fish consumption in small fishing households. 2) Social marketing and nutrition education could…