Image Alternative Text: Sensory Panel II participants at Lake Kariba, mother and child

FishFirst! Zambia Team's Executive Summary

FishFirst! Zambia’s goal was to determine feasibility of harnessing the power of nutrient-dense pelagic small fish to help fill protein and micronutrient gaps among food-insecure infants, young children, and families. Read how the team conducted…

Image Alternative Text: dried fish at a Nigerian market

Nourishing Nations Team's Executive Summary

The Nourishing Nations team set out to help fish processors in Delta State, Nigeria, to produce better products for their businesses, using hygienic food handling practices to reduce the risks of food safety issues. Understanding how traditional…

Image Alternative Text: a woman holding oysters in the water in Ghana

Micronutrient Impact of Oysters Team’s Executive Summary

Read the Micronutrient Impact of Oysters team's executive summary to learn about their results and recommendations from their cross-sectional study among 504 women shellfishers living near three oyster estuarine sites along the coastline of Ghana.…

Image Alternative Text: Two ladies collecting nutrition data in Kenya

Samaki Salama Team's Executive Summary

The Samaki Salama activity aimed to promote sustainable fisheries practices and improve the nutritional status of young children. Read the team's executive summary to learn about their results and recommendations to address human health and…

Image Alternative Text: Image of Lora Iannotti with logos and text announcing BIFAD award

Fish Innovation Lab Nutrition Specialist Dr. Lora Iannotti Receives 2022 BIFAD Award for Scientific Excellence in a Feed the Future Innovation Lab

The Fish Innovation Lab's nutrition specialist and PI of the Samaki Salama activity, Lora Iannotti, is the recipient of the 2022 BIFAD Award for Scientific Excellence in a Feed the Future Innovation Lab. This honor recognizes her work to improve…

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Sustainable Aquatic Food Systems: Multisectoral Analysis of Determinants of Child Nutrition in Coastal Kenya

The Samaki Salama activity in Kenya has a new journal article in Frontiers. This study aimed to map the multidimensional determinants of fish food security and young child nutrition in four coastal communities of Kenya with a view toward designing a…

Image Alternative Text: This is a graph showing the average quantities of foods produced and shares sold for each food group in each farming system.

Integrated Aquatic and Terrestrial Food Production Enhances Micronutrient and Economic Productivity for Nutrition-Sensitive Food Systems

The Machine Learning for Better Aquaculture activity has a new journal article in Nature Food. Read the abstract to learn more about how the team compared economic and nutrient productivity from a representative survey of 721 farms in southern…

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Fish Innovation Lab Dives Into Research in East Africa to Improve Health and Sustainability

Watch this video to find out how eight Fish Innovation Lab activities in Kenya and Zambia have improved fishery sustainability, nutrition education, fish vaccine development, and more in East Africa.

Image Alternative Text: Taabia’s photo was taken while helping with the analysis of the oyster samples.

Oysters Have Potential as a Rich Source of Micronutrients in Ghana

The Fish Innovation Lab's activity, which examined the micronutrient impact of oysters in women shellfishers' diets, has discovered that heavy metal contamination is not a concern in the study area in Ghana with levels of mercury, arsenic, cadmium,…

Image Alternative Text: Mothers evaluating instant porridge with fish powder. Photo by Agness Chileya

Combating Malnutrition in Zambia With Fish-Based Recipes

FishFirst! Zambia implemented nutrition training to promote enhanced nutrition for women and children using recipes, which incorporate fish powder. This article also includes a short video on the activity highlighted at the end of the article.