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Aquatic Animal Foods Play a Key Role in Supporting Nutrition and Child Health

A new paper by the Fish Innovation Lab's nutrition specialist, East Africa specialist, and colleagues examines data from 175 countries over 20 years to estimate associations between consumption of aquatic animal source foods and important indicators…

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FishFirst! Zambia Research Scholars Present Posters at 2022 Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium

Ania Issac and Makayla Smith, two MSU undergraduate research scholars, presented posters of FishFirst! Zambia research at the 2022 Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium held at Mississippi State University.

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Fish and Complementary Feeding Practices for Young Children: Qualitative Research Findings From Coastal Kenya

The Samaki Salama team has a new publication accepted in PLOS ONE. This study examines barriers to fish consumption during the complementary feeding period in two coastal counties of Kenya with high rates of child malnutrition.

Image Alternative Text: To better understand baseline conditions of households and fishers, nutrition educators with the Samaki Salama project visited households to gather information to help bridge educational gaps in nutrition. Photo Credit: Francis Mbogholi

The Fish Innovation Lab: Improving Livelihoods through Food Security Research

Aquaculture and fisheries play an important role in food security. Check out how the Innovation Lab for Fish is working to improve food security in Africa and Asia.

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Confronting Hidden Hunger: How Fish Can Fill Health Gaps Around the World [video lecture]

In Lora Iannotti’s seminar on hidden hunger, she addresses food security from her perspective as the nutrition specialist for the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Fish. She dives into the topics of global nutrition and the great potential fish has…

Image Alternative Text: Blessing Bosin, from Delta State, improved her fish processing setup with a modified smoking kiln and stainless-steel table.

Nutrition and Food Safety Training Make a Difference for Nigerian Fish Processors

Thanks to the Nourishing Nations team and their 2021 trainings, Nigerian fish processors learned nutrition and food safety to improve their fish processing operations. In the case of Blessing Bosin, the training helped her improve the quality of her…

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Fish Innovation Lab Overview Video

In this video, learn about the Fish Innovation Lab's work to alleviate poverty and improve nutrition in vulnerable populations through reliable and inclusive provision of fish.

Image Alternative Text: Catherine Sarange, the Samaki Salama nutrition educator, had an interactive nutrition education session during a home visit. Maria, seen with her youngest child on her lap, listened keenly to the advice and asked many questions.

Personalized Home Visits Increase Knowledge on the Importance of Consuming Fish in Coastal Kenya

The Samaki Salama project team has been working to address food security challenges through the implementation of an integrated strategy that targets caregivers and fishers with information about child nutrition, health, diet diversity, and…

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How Locally Sourced Fish Powder Drives Women’s Empowerment and Nutrition in Zambia

In Zambia, women catch thousands of tiny fish from Lake Kariba, the center of the local fishing economy. These fish also provide an opportunity for other riches: nutrition promotion, women’s empowerment, and community resilience. Read the full story…

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Using Fish to Mitigate Malnutrition: Research to Test Innovative, Sustainable Approaches

Watch the recording of the Fish Innovation Lab's virtual side event during the 2021 Norman E. Borlaug International Dialogue.