Improving Human Outcomes

Image Alternative Text: four men holding a net full of fish to the shore of an aquaculture pond

Fish Breeding Technology in Bangladesh Offers Convenience and Quality to Farmers and Consumers

"Cryopreservation—preserving and storing the sperm cells of fish—helps maintain valuable genetic material and supports the growing aquaculture sector in the country." The Fish Innovation Lab activity on cryogenic sperm banking of carp in Bangladesh…

Image Alternative Text: A group of student interns and the research team were trained by a feed mill engineer from Bangladesh on how to use the feed pelletizing machine.

Bighead Catfish Nutrition Research and Training Builds Capacity Through Installation of a Feed Pelletizing Machine

In Cambodia, the Bighead Catfish team along with a group of students were trained on how to use a fish feed pelletizing machine to work on developing a cost-effective fish feed alternative. The training also engaged participants from the Faculty of…

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Nigerian Fish Farmers Tell How They are Using Lean Management to Succeed in Aquaculture Production

In this video, participants in the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Fish Applying Lean Management in Aquaculture Production team's training speak about how they are using the Lean approach to be more efficient and reduce waste on their fish farms.

Image Alternative Text: Otogo Clement (left) weighs sampled fish from his fish farm in Cross River State during the black soldier fly larvae feed trials. Also in the photo, Bernard Agom stands to the right.

Farming Black Soldier Fly for Catfish Feed in Nigeria to Reduce Feed Costs

Otogo Clement, a fish farmer in Cross River State, considered abandoning his aquaculture enterprise in search of a new livelihood due to the high costs of fish production. However, Clement learned about the possibility of a cheaper fish feed…

Image Alternative Text: a fisher casting a net

Fish Innovation Lab Makes Waves in West Africa's Aquaculture Industry Using Innovative Solutions

Fish Innovation Lab researchers have been busy in Nigeria and Ghana with seven activities working to alleviate poverty and improve nutrition in vulnerable populations through improved aquaculture and fisheries systems. See the video for an overview…

Image Alternative Text: a picture of boats in a river in Asia

Fish Innovation Lab's Work in Asia Leads to Growth and Resilience in Aquaculture and Fisheries

Within the last five years, the activities in Bangladesh and Cambodia have worked to strengthen the aquaculture and fisheries sectors to improve the lives of men, women, and children in Asia. Watch the video to learn about how the research teams…

Image Alternative Text: Amarachi Nweke attended a workshop put on by the Farm Diversification team to learn more about rice-fish farming. Here, she is speaking at the workshop.

From Rice to Fish: Boosting Productivity and Nutrition Through Farm Diversification

Amarachi Nweke, from Ebonyi State in Nigeria, learned about how to convert rice fields to incorporate fish farming from the Fish Innovation Lab's Farm Diversification team. "When I heard about the activity, I was delighted to learn that I can…

Image Alternative Text: Atinuke Onaduja is showing off the fish oil gotten by using Lean technology.

Onaduja Transformed her Business With Lean Tools and Helped Others do the Same

Atinuke Onaduja learned how to be more efficient and reduce waste to improve her fish farming operation through a Fish Innovation Lab activity on Lean management. "The Lean training has changed everything,” Onaduja said. “You want to invest your…

Image Alternative Text: Oludayo Oluyemi responding to questions on behalf of his team during Lean training in Ogun State.

Oluyemi Used Lean Tools to Identify and Address the Causes of Fish Mortality

Oludayo Oluyemi was experiencing a case of high fish mortality in his ponds, but thanks to the Fish Innovation Lab's Lean training program, he learned how to identify appropriate solutions to on farm challenges such as using salt as an alternative…

Image Alternative Text: Onorame Otomiewo doing clean up after she found out the root cause of the problem in her hatchery during the Lean training in Ogun State.

Otomiewo Used Lean Tools to Turn Around the Aquaculture Business of her Farming Cluster

When Onorame Otomiewo from Nigeria got involved with the Fish Innovation Lab's activity on Lean management, she said it was a turning point for her and her business. After completing the 9-day Lean training program in Ogun State, she gained the…