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Image Alternative Text: Oluwasanmi Aina, Larry Hanson, Olanike Adeyemo, and Selim Alarape are seen at Cypress Cove Boardwalk in Mississippi.

A Cross-Cultural Collaboration Furthers Research on Catfish Disease Diagnostics for Nigeria

Oluwasanmi Aina and Selim Alarape, from the Aquaculture Biosecurity team, engaged in training at Mississippi State University to equip them with the tools necessary to establish fish virology knowledge in Nigeria.

Image Alternative Text: a photo of Sandra Correa

UN Environment Programme Picks Renowned MSU Ecologist for Global Advisory Group

Sandra Correa, who leads our Increasing Fisheries Sustainability for Resilience team, was invited by the U.N. Environment Programme for membership in its Multidisciplinary Expert Scientific Advisory Group. Read more of the Mississippi State…

Image Alternative Text: a photo of Gina Rico Mendez

Meet the Human Outcomes Specialist and Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Specialist: Gina Rico Mendez

Meet Gina Rico Mendez, the Fish Innovation Lab's Human Outcomes Specialist and Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Specialist. "Reliable, sustainable, and affordable access to food has been and continues to be a critical issue to ensure food and…

Image Alternative Text: Headshot of Madan Dey

Building Bridges: Strategies for Productive Engagement with Government and Other Stakeholders

In this Agrilinks blog post, Fish Innovation Lab Asia Specialist Madan Dey reflects on the importance of engaging with government and other stakeholders to achieve long-term development gains for food security, nutrition, and food safety.

Image Alternative Text: Andrew Wamukota in a panel discussion

The Fish Innovation Lab Goes to Kenya for Regional Partners Meeting

The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Fish attended the 2023 Feed the Future Innovation Labs Regional Partners Meeting in Kenya. The meeting, which focused on systemic and innovative solutions for climate adaptation, food, and nutrition systems,…

Image Alternative Text: Group photo in the 3-D printing lab at LSU AgCenter

A Cross-Collaboration to Build the Cryopreservation Industry in Bangladesh

The LSU AgCenter and the Fish Innovation Lab’s Cryogenic Sperm Banking for Carps team came together at the LSU AgCenter facilities in the United States to learn from one another and work to further build the cryopreservation industry in Bangladesh.

Image Alternative Text: A group photo of the participants for the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Fish Annual Meeting in February 2023.

The Fish Innovation Lab's First Ever, In-Person Annual Meeting

Bringing together partners from around the world for the first time, the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Fish held its Annual Meeting in New Orleans from February 27 through March 1. The internal meeting was a way for the teams to not only…

Image Alternative Text: a headshot photo of Joanna Springer

Meet the Resilience Specialist: Joanna Springer

Meet Joanna Springer, the Fish Innovation Lab's Resilience Specialist. "In my work with the lab, I am always thinking about how activities are fitting into an overall system with many players and actors who have different levels of influence, power…

Image Alternative Text: group photo of the speakers from the Fish Innovation Lab session at Aquaculture America 2023

The Fish Innovation Lab Held an Aquaculture America 2023 Session and Booth in New Orleans

The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Fish hosted a session titled “Fish to Feed the World: Advancing Sustainable Solutions for Global Food Security” at the World Aquaculture Society, Aquaculture America Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, on…

Image Alternative Text: Photo of Laura Zseleczky

Meet the Marketing and Communications Manager: Laura Zseleczky

Meet Laura Zseleczky, the Fish Innovation Lab's Marketing and Communications Manager. "Sustainable approaches to aquaculture and fisheries development are just a piece of the puzzle, but they offer tremendous potential to address food and nutrition…