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Image Alternative Text: Photo of Laura Zseleczky

Meet the Marketing and Communications Manager: Laura Zseleczky

Meet Laura Zseleczky, the Fish Innovation Lab's Marketing and Communications Manager. "Sustainable approaches to aquaculture and fisheries development are just a piece of the puzzle, but they offer tremendous potential to address food and nutrition…

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Meet the Gender and Youth Equity Specialist: Mary Read-Wahidi

Meet Mary Read-Wahidi, one of the Fish Innovation Lab's gender and youth equity specialists. "One thing that I think is surprising (about places where food insecurity is prevalent) is you can have these important and nutritious cash crops, but the…

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Our People: Amanda Rowe

Fourth-year Doctor of Veterinary Medicine student Amanda Rowe is gaining distinctive knowledge and skills in aquatic research at Mississippi State, specifically through her involvement with the university-based Global Center for Aquatic Health and…

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Fish Innovation Lab Announces New Deputy Director: Stephen Reichley of Mississippi State University

The Fish Innovation Lab is pleased to announce that Stephen Reichley of Mississippi State University will serve as the program’s new deputy director. Reichley is the associate director of the Mississippi State University Global Center for Aquatic…

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Meet the Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Advisor: Rebecca Jeudin

Meet Rebecca Jeudin, the Fish Innovation Lab's monitoring, evaluation, and learning advisor. "I wish people knew the impact of climate change on fisheries and aquaculture," she said. "From impacting their migratory patterns across international…

Image Alternative Text: Photo of Dr. Madan Dey

Leveraging Economics to Reduce Foodborne Illness: A Profile of Dr. Madan Dey

Madan Dey, an agricultural economist, performs experiments and analyses to better understand consumer behavior and aims to improve the livelihood of farmers around the world.

Image Alternative Text: Mark Lawrence giving a presentation

MSU’s Research Week Highlights Global Aquatic Research

During Mississippi State University’s Research Week, Mark Lawrence, director of the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Fish, discussed the global aquatic research taking place under the Global Center for Aquatic Health and Food Security, which was…

Image Alternative Text: Photo of Michael Rice, giving a presentation (Photo by Prof. Eva Nambeye)

Forty Years of Aquaculture Management in the Dagupan City Estuary, Philippines [video lecture]

Watch the seminar given by Michael Rice, of the University of Rhode Island, on the Mississippi State University campus. Rice reviews 40 years of aquaculture management in the Dagupan City estuary, Philippines, for environmental, economic, and social…

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Meet the Communications Specialist: Alaina Dismukes

Meet Alaina Dismukes, the Fish Innovation Lab's communications specialist. "I believe the way to solving big problems like food insecurity starts by making sure everyone has a seat at the table."

Image Alternative Text: Ania Issac standing by her poster

FishFirst! Zambia Research Scholars Present Posters at 2022 Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium

Ania Issac and Makayla Smith, two MSU undergraduate research scholars, presented posters of FishFirst! Zambia research at the 2022 Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium held at Mississippi State University.