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Micronutrient Impact of Oysters Team’s Executive Summary

Read the Micronutrient Impact of Oysters team's executive summary to learn about their results and recommendations from their cross-sectional study among 504 women shellfishers living near three oyster estuarine sites along the coastline of Ghana.…

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Fish Innovation Lab Makes Waves in West Africa's Aquaculture Industry Using Innovative Solutions

Fish Innovation Lab researchers have been busy in Nigeria and Ghana with seven activities working to alleviate poverty and improve nutrition in vulnerable populations through improved aquaculture and fisheries systems. See the video for an overview…

Image Alternative Text: Taabia’s photo was taken while helping with the analysis of the oyster samples.

Oysters Have Potential as a Rich Source of Micronutrients in Ghana

The Fish Innovation Lab's activity, which examined the micronutrient impact of oysters in women shellfishers' diets, has discovered that heavy metal contamination is not a concern in the study area in Ghana with levels of mercury, arsenic, cadmium,…

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Meet the West Africa Regional Coordinator: Sunil Siriwardena

Meet Sunil Siriwardena, the Fish Innovation Lab's West Africa regional coordinator. "Malnutrition remains a major public health and development concern in most parts of the developing world. Continued efforts to increase access to fish as a…

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Role of Fish and Other Aquatic Animal-Source Food in Enhancing Nutrition and Food Security in Africa

In this video, four Fish Innovation Lab-supported activities are featured during this exciting and informative session, which focuses on nutrition and food security in vulnerable small-scale fishing communities in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Meet the West Africa Specialist: Karen Kent

Meet Karen Kent, the Fish Innovation Lab's West Africa specialist. "The majority of my professional life has been spent living and working in Africa," she said. "My current interests include small-scale fisheries governance and cross-sectoral…

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Fish Innovation Lab Overview Video

In this video, learn about the Fish Innovation Lab's work to alleviate poverty and improve nutrition in vulnerable populations through reliable and inclusive provision of fish.

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Using Fish to Mitigate Malnutrition: Research to Test Innovative, Sustainable Approaches

Watch the recording of the Fish Innovation Lab's virtual side event during the 2021 Norman E. Borlaug International Dialogue.

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Investigating Oysters’ Dietary Potential and Risks for Ghana’s Shellfishers

Oysters are an excellent source of iron and zinc, and women in low- and middle-income countries are often deficient in these two essential micronutrients. The Fish Innovation Lab project, called “Micronutrient Impact of Oysters in the Diet of Women…

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MSU-based Fish Innovation Lab awards $1.15 million in new grants, addresses global food security through improved aquaculture and fisheries

Building on the Fish Innovation Lab’s existing portfolio of 13 research-for-development projects worldwide, the newly awarded $1.15 million supports six projects spanning aquaculture and fisheries activities along the fish value chain in Bangladesh…