Andrew Chisopo joins FishFirst! Zambia team

Andrew Chisopi joins FishFirst! Zambia team

Andrew Chisopo has joined the FishFirst! Zambia team as a graduate intern. Chisopo is currently pursuing a Master of Science in agricultural economics at the University of Zambia (UNZA), where he earned a Bachelor of Science in the same field of study. He is proficient in statistical analysis tools and has been involved in research projects in Zambia as a research consultant, data manager, field supervisor, data analyst, programmer, and enumerator. He worked as a research assistant and assistant data manager at the Zambia Revenue Authority, the International Growth Centre, and Palm Associates, a research and consultancy firm based in Lusaka, Zambia. At Palm Associates, Chisopo worked on the World Bank-funded project Supporting Women’s Livelihoods, where he was primarily involved in programming the tablet-based questionnaire and managing data.

He has also worked with the Ministry of Finance processing data and as a consultant and facilitator with KCM Green Limited, a research company based in Zambia, to support the company in setting up an out-grower scheme model for high-potential aquaculture zones under the Zambia Aquaculture Enterprise Development Project. He later joined PRS 365, a private limited research company based in Zambia as a research analyst, where he supervised team members and was involved in programming tablet-based questionnaires, enumeration, and analyzing survey data. Chisopo has also served as an agricultural, agribusiness, and data-manager consultant at March Associates Limited, a research company based in Zambia.

As a FishFirst! Zambia graduate intern, Chisopo will contribute to questionnaire programming, data cleaning, management and analysis, and production/presentation of results at scientific conferences, technical reports, and other publications.

Published February 5, 2021