Capacity Development

Image Alternative Text: Woman wearing a tan head covering sits beside her fish harvest in the trunk of a car

Integrated Rice-Fish Farming in Nigeria: A Resilient Approach in the Face of Climate Change

Severe weather events like flooding, drought and rising temperatures disproportionately affect many Nigerian fishing and farming communities given the naturally arid conditions of their environment. Read the full story by Feed the Future to learn…

Image Alternative Text: Researchers in a boat: Front row from left to right is Phannara and Phun, and in the back row from left to right is Champapao, Chakriya Chum, and Sreyden, visiting fishermen along the Sre Ambel River to collect fish for nutrition analysis.

Building Capacity: Graduate Student in Cambodia Working on the First Nutritional Database for Fish

The "Increasing Sustainability of Fisheries and Aquaculture for Resilience of Cambodian Communities" project is helping develop a nutritional database for fish, which will provide the knowledge to help fill in gaps and limitations in fishery…

Image Alternative Text: At the enumerator training, the participants sit at a table to watch the online presenters.

Enumerators’ Training Program on Strategies for an Inclusive Aquaculture Value Chain in Bangladesh

The Strategies for an Inclusive Aquaculture Value Chain in Bangladesh project held an enumerator training program, in which participants received training about the open-source data collection platform that will be used as a survey tool for the…

Image Alternative Text: Students and Faculty of Fisheries members at the Royal University of Agriculture participated in the virtual training together to have access to Wi-Fi while also being able to collaborate with those who could not join in person.

Training Cambodian Fisheries Students and Faculty on Aquaculture to Build Capacity

The Bighead Catfish Culture project is paving the way to growing the aquaculture sector in Cambodia through their trainings. Read their success story to learn more.

Image Alternative Text: Three farmers standing in a prawn pond bend over to transplant rice seedlings

Training Opportunity: Identification of Aquaculture Waterbodies Using Machine Learning

The Fish Innovation Lab's Machine Learning for Better Aquaculture project is organizing a training to disseminate techniques developed in a recent paper on using machine learning to map aquaculture waterbodies in Bangladesh. Complete the interest…

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Fish Innovation Lab Overview Video

In this video, learn about the Fish Innovation Lab's work to alleviate poverty and improve nutrition in vulnerable populations through reliable and inclusive provision of fish.

Image Alternative Text: Pamba is weighing fish in Vanga BMU.

Increasing the Capacity for Achieving Sustainable Fisheries Management in Kenya

The Achieving Fisheries Sustainability in a Climate Sanctuary project team is helping to build the capacity for sustainable fisheries management in Kenya. Read their success story to learn how Ashura Pamba and Mwambwiza Tuweni are contributing to…

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Quick Start Results, Lessons Learned, and Next Steps

In its first and second year, the Fish Innovation Lab funded five “Quick Start” activities. These were short (12-15 month) activities designed to kick-start the Fish Innovation Lab’s research-for-development activities on the ground.This document…

Image Alternative Text: Screenshot of participants during the virtual signing ceremony

A Partnership to Build Capacity, a Project to Build Sustainable Aquaculture in Cambodia

Three institutions - SEARCA, Universiti Sains Malaysia, and CE SAIN - have partnered together, so that a Cambodian student will join the Royal University of Agriculture to conduct research. Additionally, the agreement will support the Bighead…

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Free Online Course Explains the Role of Gender in Agricultural Development

A new online course developed for the Feed the Future Soybean Innovation Lab and featuring work from the Fish Innovation Lab introduces participants to the important role gender plays in agricultural development, including aquaculture and fisheries…