Youth Inclusion

Image Alternative Text: All fish farmers were awarded a certificate after the day-long training at PSTU.

Aquaculture Training Teaches Bangladesh Farmers Business Practices to be More Profitable

A day-long training workshop for fish farmers on scientific and farm business management practices in Bangladesh provides the knowledge farmers need to diversify their farming operations to earn more income. This training by the Strategies for…

Image Alternative Text: To better understand baseline conditions of households and fishers, nutrition educators with the Samaki Salama project visited households to gather information to help bridge educational gaps in nutrition. Photo Credit: Francis Mbogholi

The Fish Innovation Lab: Improving Livelihoods through Food Security Research

Aquaculture and fisheries play an important role in food security. Check out how the Innovation Lab for Fish is working to improve food security in Africa and Asia.

Image Alternative Text: A lady cooking fish

New Tool Helps Quantify Post-Harvest Losses in Small-Scale Capture Fisheries

The open-access customizable Post-Harvest Fish Loss Assessment for Small-Scale Fisheries (PHFLA) is a novel quantitative tool created by the FishFirst! Zambia team to assess losses among fishers, processors, and fish sellers in the small-scale…

Image Alternative Text: Blessing Bosin, from Delta State, improved her fish processing setup with a modified smoking kiln and stainless-steel table.

Nutrition and Food Safety Training Make a Difference for Nigerian Fish Processors

Thanks to the Nourishing Nations team and their 2021 trainings, Nigerian fish processors learned nutrition and food safety to improve their fish processing operations. In the case of Blessing Bosin, the training helped her improve the quality of her…

Image Alternative Text: Here is a nearly all female cluster trained by Preye Ofunama (Lean Subject Matter Expert in Delta State), Oyediran Olusegun Oyebola (Consultant), and Abel Onaivwe (Delta State Coordinator and Lean Subject Matter Expert) in attendance.

Lean Subject Matter Experts Train Nigerian Fish Farmers to Improve Aquaculture Productivity

The Applying Lean Management in Aquaculture Production project team is contributing to enhanced food security and increased economic returns through a train-the-trainers approach. Read their latest success story to learn more about the “Lean…

Image Alternative Text: Students and Faculty of Fisheries members at the Royal University of Agriculture participated in the virtual training together to have access to Wi-Fi while also being able to collaborate with those who could not join in person.

Training Cambodian Fisheries Students and Faculty on Aquaculture to Build Capacity

The Bighead Catfish Culture project is paving the way to growing the aquaculture sector in Cambodia through their trainings. Read their success story to learn more.

Image Alternative Text: Woman holding large fish by the tail

Fish Innovation Lab Overview Video

In this video, learn about the Fish Innovation Lab's work to alleviate poverty and improve nutrition in vulnerable populations through reliable and inclusive provision of fish.

Image Alternative Text: Catherine Sarange, the Samaki Salama nutrition educator, had an interactive nutrition education session during a home visit. Maria, seen with her youngest child on her lap, listened keenly to the advice and asked many questions.

Personalized Home Visits Increase Knowledge on the Importance of Consuming Fish in Coastal Kenya

The Samaki Salama project team has been working to address food security challenges through the implementation of an integrated strategy that targets caregivers and fishers with information about child nutrition, health, diet diversity, and…

Image Alternative Text: The above image is from the inception training held in Ibadan in February 2021.

Integrating Digital Learning Tools for Long Distance Team Training During the COVID-19 Crisis

In the Improving Biosecurity project team's success story, they tell how creating a mobile-phone-accessible course helped train enumerators and postgraduate students under lockdown conditions due to COVID-19.

Image Alternative Text: A woman doing fieldwork at Lake Kariba

How Locally Sourced Fish Powder Drives Women’s Empowerment and Nutrition in Zambia

In Zambia, women catch thousands of tiny fish from Lake Kariba, the center of the local fishing economy. These fish also provide an opportunity for other riches: nutrition promotion, women’s empowerment, and community resilience. Read the full story…