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Image Alternative Text: Dr. Basant Gomma, left, a graduate student in MSU's College of Veterinary Medicine, works alongside CVM Professor Dr. Mark Lawrence in February to observe fish while conducting research for the MSU-led Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Fish. The USAID-funded initiative aims to improve nutrition, food security and livelihoods in developing countries by supporting the sustainable development of aquatic habitats and fisheries. Lawrence serves as director of the Fish Innovation Lab. (Photo by Beth Wynn)

MSU continues international leadership in aquaculture, world’s fastest-growing food production sector

As aquaculture and fisheries play an increasingly important role in addressing global food security, Mississippi State University is continuing to build its reputation as an international leader in the field.

Image Alternative Text: Nigerian woman with fish harvest

$5.7 million to fight global hunger awarded by MSU-based Fish Innovation Lab

Through the $5.7 million, the Fish Innovation Lab is supporting 12 research-for-development projects focused on aquaculture and fisheries activities along the fish value chain in Bangladesh (3), Cambodia (2), Kenya (1), Nigeria (5) and Zambia (1).

Image Alternative Text: Bangladeshi farmers and researchers sample rohu for genome sequencing

Detailed Country Listing of New Fish Innovation Lab Projects

The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Fish has awarded $6.2 million USD to 13 research-for-development projects to address food and nutrition security in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Kenya, Nigeria, and Zambia.

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2019-2020 Fish Innovation Lab Graduates

This academic year, four student researchers on Fish Innovation Lab project graduated from their colleges and universities.

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Fish4Zambia Builds Capacity Through Student Fieldwork Training

Undergraduate students often face challenges gaining hands-on research-for-development fieldwork experience. Fish4Zambia, a quick start of the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Fish, provided this opportunity to three undergraduates who joined the…

Image Alternative Text: Robert Kolbila

Fish4Zambia Research Presented at MSU Graduate Research Symposium

Robert Kolbila, a doctoral student at Mississippi State University (MSU) and native of Ghana, presented research on the Fish Innovation Lab's Fish4Zambia project at the university's recent Graduate Research Symposium.

Image Alternative Text: Elin Torell

Deputy Director Elin Torell Featured in Gender-Mainstreaming Article

Fish Innovation Lab Deputy Director Elin Torell of the University of Rhode Island has been featured for her work in gender mainstreaming in developing countries in Central America, West Africa, East Africa, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Image Alternative Text: Participants in a Men's Focus Group Discussion at Chinsanka Fishing Camp on Day 1 of the Fish4Zambia fieldwork

Identifying Barriers to Nutrition in Zambia’s Lake Bangweulu Fishing Camps

Understanding disparities in access to income and food can help us understand disparities in nutrition, especially for women and children in poor households. The Fish4Zambia team at the Fish Innovation Lab collected data over the summer to…

Image Alternative Text: Male Focus Group in Zambia

Improving the Fish Value Chain in Zambia

In this video, U.S. PI Kathleen Ragsdale, U.S. co-PI Mary Read-Wahidi, and Zambia co-PI Pamela Marinda discuss their research about household nutrition and U.S. PI Delbert Gatlin discusses his study focused on alternative fish feed for tilapia farms…

Image Alternative Text: Ingouf at 2019 MSU Undergraduate Research Symposium

Student Scholar to Assist with Research in Zambia

Laura Ingouf, a student at Mississippi State University (MSU) has received a $4,000 stipend to join a team of researchers in Zambia this summer and assist with data analyses at MSU.