Awards & Recognition

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2021 World Food Prize Awarded to Fish Innovation Lab Contributing Researcher Shakuntala Haraksingh Thilsted

On May 11, Shakuntala Haraksingh Thilsted was named the 2021 World Food Prize Laureate for her groundbreaking work on nutrition, fish, and aquatic food systems. Thilsted is the global lead for nutrition and public health at WorldFish and a…

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Fish4Zambia Team Presents at 2021 Women and Gender in International Development Conference

Fish4Zambia team members Kathleen Ragsdale, Pamela Marinda, Mary Read-Wahidi, Lauren Pincus, Elin Torell, and Robert Kolbila presented a poster at the 2021 Women and Gender in International Development Conference held virtually from February 23-26,…

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New Team Members Join Bighead Catfish Culture Project

Two new team members have joined the Development of Bighead Catfish Culture for Sustainable Aquaculture project in Cambodia.

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Researchers Present at International Conference on Global Food Security

Kathleen Ragsdale (Mississippi State University), Pamela Marinda (University of Zambia), Mary Read-Wahidi (Mississippi State University), Lauren Pincus (WorldFish), Elin Torell (University of Rhode Island), and Robert Kolbila (Mississippi State…

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Fish Innovation Lab Awards Additional Project in Kenya

The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Fish (Fish Innovation Lab) at Mississippi State University (MSU) has awarded approximately $500,000 to a new project aimed at helping solve hunger and improve ecosystems in coastal Kenya.

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$5.7 million to fight global hunger awarded by MSU-based Fish Innovation Lab

Through the $5.7 million, the Fish Innovation Lab is supporting 12 research-for-development projects focused on aquaculture and fisheries activities along the fish value chain in Bangladesh (3), Cambodia (2), Kenya (1), Nigeria (5) and Zambia (1).

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Detailed Country Listing of New Fish Innovation Lab Projects

The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Fish has awarded $6.2 million USD to 13 research-for-development projects to address food and nutrition security in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Kenya, Nigeria, and Zambia.

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U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization highlights MSU partnership to strengthen food security

he Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations is highlighting its partnership with Mississippi State University to develop and enhance animal and veterinary public health, plant and fish health, food safety and nutrition programs.

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2019-2020 Fish Innovation Lab Graduates

This academic year, four student researchers on Fish Innovation Lab project graduated from their colleges and universities.

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Fish Innovation Lab Featured in Recent Feed the Future Gender Report

The “Gender Integration in USAID’s Agricultural Research Investments: A Synthesis of Key Findings and Best Practices” report summarizes the extent and nature of gender integration across 20 agricultural and food security research activities funded…