Kechhki Fish Curry, Recipe from Bangladesh

Kechhki fish curry
Photo by M. Gulam Hussain

Mary Kate Cartmill and Lora Iannotti

Recipe by M. Gulam Hussain and Habiba Hussain

This month’s featured recipe is a flavorful Kechhki fish curry with tomato and potato. In addition to being relatively simple to prepare, this dish packs a nutritious punch by utilizing the small fish Kechhki (Corica soborna) as the star ingredient. Small, dried fish are not only a sustainable and affordable option for many areas around the world but also a rich source of animal protein, essential fatty acids, and multiple micronutrients. Often eaten whole, small fish can offer important nutrients from parts of the fish such as brain, bones, and liver. Consuming them together with potatoes containing vitamin C helps the body to absorb minerals like iron and zinc. Some additional benefits to note:

  • Good for the whole family: This dish provides DHA fatty acids important to child brain growth development, bioavailable calcium essential for pregnant and lactating women, and zinc to support immune system functioning for all ages.
  • Less food waste: Dried fish, when processed and stored properly, has a longer shelf-life than fresh fish, reducing loss along the value chain. Eating the fish whole also means that every bit becomes part of the meal, eliminating discards like bones and viscera.
  • “Eating the rainbow”: Different colors signal the presence of different phytonutrients in plants, such as antioxidants. Consuming an array of colors—like the green chilis, yellow turmeric and red tomatoes here—is one strategy to ensure diet diversity.


Kechhki fish curry recipe card



Published April 1, 2021