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Threatened Fish Genetic Resources and Biological Diversity of the Hakaluki Haor Wetland in Bangladesh

Best Wetland Management Practices (BWMPs) should be continued, enhanced, and readopted by the Government of Bangladesh to restore threatened natural ecosystem habitat and conserve fish biological diversity in the Hakaluki Haor wetland.

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Quick Start Results, Lessons Learned, and Next Steps

In its first and second year, the Fish Innovation Lab funded five “Quick Start” activities. These were short (12-15 month) activities designed to kick-start the Fish Innovation Lab’s research-for-development activities on the ground.This document…

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Addressing Food Safety in Aquaculture Systems in Developing Countries

Globally over 600 million people, 1 in 10, suffers from foodborne diseases each year, and 420,000 people died in 2010. Practicing safe food preparation and storage strategies can help prevent this.

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MSU-based Fish Innovation Lab awards $1.15 million in new grants, addresses global food security through improved aquaculture and fisheries

Building on the Fish Innovation Lab’s existing portfolio of 13 research-for-development projects worldwide, the newly awarded $1.15 million supports six projects spanning aquaculture and fisheries activities along the fish value chain in Bangladesh…

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Results and Findings from Genome Sequencing Team

The Genome Sequencing team has released an executive summary of findings and results. The study sequenced the rohu genome and identified DNA variations that can be correlated with measured physical traits (such as growth rate) to accelerate and…

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Kechhki Fish Curry, Recipe from Bangladesh

In addition to being relatively simple to prepare, this dish packs a nutritious punch by utilizing the small fish Kechhki (Corica soborna) as the star ingredient. Small, dried fish are not only a sustainable and affordable option for many areas…

Image Alternative Text: Staff from Bangladesh’s Department of Fisheries Quality Control Laboratory and Institute of Public Health National Food Safety Laboratory participate in hands-on training.

Improving Capacity in Bangladesh to Detect Fecal Pathogens in Aquaculture

The Fish Innovation Lab project on Evaluation of Risk and Mitigation of Aquaculture Fecal Pathogens organized lectures and a hands-on training for eight participants from the Bangladesh Department of Fisheries Quality Control Laboratory and the…

Image Alternative Text: Harvested cluster of black tiger shrimp at private shrimp farm in Satkhira region, Bangladesh

Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Aquaculture Value Chains in Bangladesh

In low-income food-deficit countries, fish remains an essential source of animal protein, micronutrients, and omega-3 fatty acids, which are vital for human health.  It is, therefore, important that these countries, including Bangladesh, continue to…

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Emerging Technologies Improve Aquaculture Data Systems in Bangladesh

Like many low- and medium-income countries, Bangladesh struggles to maintain accurate official statistics on aquaculture production because of the costly and time-intensive nature of data collection as well as the industry’s rapid growth. The Fish…

Image Alternative Text: Participants convene for a project inception workshop on cryogenic sperm banking of Indian major carps and exotic carps for commercial seed production and brood banking. Submitted by Rafiqul Sarder/BAU.

Cryogenic Sperm Banking for Carps Project Holds Inception Workshop in Bangladesh

On January 4, the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Fish (Fish Innovation Lab) and Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) hosted an inception workshop for their project on Cryogenic Sperm Banking of Indian Major Carps and Exotic Carps for…