Image Alternative Text: Tanks at Ikwo Local Government Area in Ebonyi State. Photo by Bolarin Omonona.

No Longer Bugged by Feed Costs Team's Executive Summary

The No Longer Bugged by Feed Costs team relied on primary data collected from farmers in Nigeria, using a structured questionnaire to gather information about the farmers and their production practices as well as analyze costs of production,…

Image Alternative Text: This photo shows the trenches made in the rice-fish field for the fish. It is important to maintain an appropriate water depth and quality to support the well-being of fish throughout their life cycle until they reach harvest size. This is why practitioners often construct a small refuge for the fish within the rice field in the form of a trench or small pond. Photo Credit: Oladeji Kazeem Kareem.

Water Management and Productivity in Integrated Agriculture-Aquaculture (Rice-Fish) Systems

In areas with limited water availability, enhancing agricultural productivity is imperative to increase food production, income, and environmental benefits without significantly increasing water usage. Read this Agrilinks article to find out more…

Image Alternative Text: dried fish at a Nigerian market

Nourishing Nations Team's Executive Summary

The Nourishing Nations team set out to help fish processors in Delta State, Nigeria, to produce better products for their businesses, using hygienic food handling practices to reduce the risks of food safety issues. Understanding how traditional…

Image Alternative Text: Adaptive research plot of a rice-fish field

Aquaculture Diversification Team's Executive Summary

The Aquaculture Diversification team used what they learned from their rice-fish trials to develop a technology guide, enabling more than 100 rice farmers with little or no knowledge of aquaculture to successfully introduce fish into their rice…

Image Alternative Text: a farmer feeding fish in his rice-fish farm system

Video on Sustainable Agriculture: DIY Rice and Fish Farming Tutorial

Check out this new Agrilinks-produced video featuring our Farm Diversification team! The video demonstrates how both rice and fish can be farmed in the same plot of land, allowing the farmer to produce two commodities while using an eco-friendly…

Image Alternative Text: Fish farmers discussing Lean technology near aquaculture ponds.

Applying Lean Management in Aquaculture Production Team's Executive Summary

The Applying Lean Management in Aquaculture Production activity used the Lean management approach to minimize costs and maximize efficiency by eliminating waste and converting waste into value in aquaculture production in Nigeria. Read the team's…

Image Alternative Text: A farmer feeds the fish in her aquaculture pond.

Improving Biosecurity Team's Executive Summary

The Improving Biosecurity activity in Nigeria aimed to better understand the disease and health status of catfish aquaculture through the deployment of a digital epidemiology survey, collection and laboratory analyses of biological samples, and a…

Image Alternative Text: Woman stands near field with table of dried fish

United States Announces $29 Million Investment to Extend Two Feed the Future Innovation Labs

USAID announced a five-year extension for the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Fish and the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Legume Systems Research. These critical investments will increase productivity and raise incomes of small-scale farmers…

Image Alternative Text: Man holds prawns in front of aquaculture pond

$15 Million to MSU-Led Fish Innovation Lab Extends Global Food Security Pursuits Through Aquatic Systems

Mississippi State University has received a five-year, up to $15 million extension for the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Fish to address global food security challenges through aquatic food systems.

Image Alternative Text: a faded photo with the words "Innovation Lab for Fish" across it

Nigerian Fish Farmers Tell How They are Using Lean Management to Succeed in Aquaculture Production

In this video, participants in the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Fish Applying Lean Management in Aquaculture Production team's training speak about how they are using the Lean approach to be more efficient and reduce waste on their fish farms.