Improving Productivity

Image Alternative Text: Group photo of a section of training participants in Ebonyi state, Nigeria (Photo credit: Bamidele Omitoyin, University of Ibadan)

Summer Trainings Move the Needle Toward a More Sustainable Farming System for Nigeria

The Integrated Agriculture-Aquaculture as Farm Diversification Strategy activity is moving the needle toward a more sustainable farming system for Nigeria. Through summer trainings and research plots, the team is providing knowledge on how to rice-…

Image Alternative Text: Workers cover crates of shrimp with ice in a Bangladesh market

BAU Researchers Use Machine Learning Technology in Fisheries Survey

The Fish Innovation Lab's Machine Learning for Better Aquaculture activity recently hosted a series of outreach workshops in Bangladesh to share results and findings with stakeholders.

Image Alternative Text: A Sre Ambel River fisher checks his net.

Anchored in Sustainability: Improving Resilience for Cambodian Fishery Communities

The Increasing Fisheries Sustainability for Resilience activity is empowering Cambodians with the knowledge to assess changes in their existing fishery to make any needed alterations in the fishing effort. By initiating a Citizen Science program,…

Image Alternative Text: two women harvesting vegetables

Women Employment in Integrated Gher (Rice-Fish-Vegetable) Farming

In this video by the Machine Learning for Better Aquaculture activity, Bangladeshi women harvest vegetables on an integrated gher farm or rice-fish-vegetable farm, which helps them earn income for themselves and their families.

Image Alternative Text: two men removing sludge with baskets

Removing Sludge From Prawn/Shrimp Farm

This video, produced by the Machine Learning for Better Aquaculture activity, shows how Bangladeshi farmers use their own innovative technology for removing sludge from a rice-fish farm field instead of using baskets.

Image Alternative Text: a sky view of farming fields

Seasonal Activities in Integrated Farming

A farmer shares seasonal activities he does in integrated farming—such as stocking and collecting fish from the ponds, cultivating different types of vegetables, and planting rice—with the Machine Learning for Better Aquaculture activity.

Image Alternative Text: a man holding up prawns

Maximum Land Utilization in Integrated Rice-prawn/Fish-vegetable Farm

In this video by the Machine Learning for Better Aquaculture activity, farmers maximize land by utilizing an integrated rice-prawn/fish-vegetable farming practice.

Image Alternative Text: a man fixing an irrigation line

Low-cost Long Distance Irrigation

This video, produced by the Machine Learning for Better Aquaculture activity, demonstrates a low-cost, long-distance irrigation tool to help Bangladeshi farmers.

Image Alternative Text: Here, participants are attentively listening during a day-long training workshop on sperm cryopreservation technology.

Early Successes Inspire Fish Hatchery Owners to Adopt Cryopreservation Technology

The Cryogenic Sperm Banking for Carps activity has had positive feedback from fish hatchery owners who have raised quality broodstocks of bighead, mrigal, rohu, and silver carp from cryopreserved sperm-originated seeds (fertilized eggs).

Image Alternative Text: Hamisi, is a fisherman in Uyombo, receiving his modified basket trap from two of the Samaki Salama project staff.

Modified Fishing Traps and Fisher Workshops Promote Fish Consumption and Sustainable Fishing

As a part of the Samaki Salama project, the team distributes basket traps to fishers and, in return, receives data on the amount and types of fish caught. Hamisi, one out of 100 fishers who received basket traps, has reported an increase in the…