Improving Productivity

Image Alternative Text: A group photo - the Cryogenic Sperm Banking team visited the Central Artificial Insemination Center for Livestock.

A Visit to an Artificial Insemination Center Teaches Cryopreservation and Cryogenic Sperm Banking

A visit to the Central Artificial Insemination Center for Livestock provides techniques to help the Cryogenic Sperm Banking team increase the impact of their efforts to improve sperm cryopreservation and cryogenic sperm banking in their own project.

Image Alternative Text: At the enumerator training, the participants sit at a table to watch the online presenters.

Enumerators’ Training Program on Strategies for an Inclusive Aquaculture Value Chain in Bangladesh

The Strategies for an Inclusive Aquaculture Value Chain in Bangladesh project held an enumerator training program, in which participants received training about the open-source data collection platform that will be used as a survey tool for the…

Image Alternative Text: Man throwing net into aquaculture pond

Aquaculture Will Continue to Depend More on Land Than Sea

A new paper published in Nature highlights freshwater aquaculture's current and future importance for global food security and sustainable diets.

Image Alternative Text: Headshot photo of Peter Allen

Meet the Productivity Frontier Specialist: Peter Allen

Meet Peter Allen, the Fish Innovation Lab's productivity frontier specialist. "Through the Fish Innovation Lab, I am able to increase local capacity for research, production, and conservation, which leads to food security, improved quality of life,…

Image Alternative Text: To better understand baseline conditions of households and fishers, nutrition educators with the Samaki Salama project visited households to gather information to help bridge educational gaps in nutrition. Photo Credit: Francis Mbogholi

The Fish Innovation Lab: Improving Livelihoods through Food Security Research

Aquaculture and fisheries play an important role in food security. Check out how the Innovation Lab for Fish is working to improve food security in Africa and Asia.

Image Alternative Text: Arial view of aquaculture plots

2021: A Year in Review at the Fish Innovation Lab

In 2021, the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Fish continued progress toward its goal of reducing poverty and improving nutrition, food security, and livelihoods by supporting the sustainable development of aquaculture and fisheries systems.

Image Alternative Text: Blessing Bosin, from Delta State, improved her fish processing setup with a modified smoking kiln and stainless-steel table.

Nutrition and Food Safety Training Make a Difference for Nigerian Fish Processors

Thanks to the Nourishing Nations team and their 2021 trainings, Nigerian fish processors learned nutrition and food safety to improve their fish processing operations. In the case of Blessing Bosin, the training helped her improve the quality of her…

Image Alternative Text: Here is a nearly all female cluster trained by Preye Ofunama (Lean Subject Matter Expert in Delta State), Oyediran Olusegun Oyebola (Consultant), and Abel Onaivwe (Delta State Coordinator and Lean Subject Matter Expert) in attendance.

Lean Subject Matter Experts Train Nigerian Fish Farmers to Improve Aquaculture Productivity

The Applying Lean Management in Aquaculture Production project team is contributing to enhanced food security and increased economic returns through a train-the-trainers approach. Read their latest success story to learn more about the “Lean…

Image Alternative Text: Students and Faculty of Fisheries members at the Royal University of Agriculture participated in the virtual training together to have access to Wi-Fi while also being able to collaborate with those who could not join in person.

Training Cambodian Fisheries Students and Faculty on Aquaculture to Build Capacity

The Bighead Catfish Culture project is paving the way to growing the aquaculture sector in Cambodia through their trainings. Read their success story to learn more.

Image Alternative Text: Stakeholders training workshop on sperm cryopreservation at Faculty of Fisheries

Quality Seed Production Using Cryopreserved Sperm in Fish Hatcheries Becomes a Reality in Bangladesh

The Fish Innovation Lab's project to establish a cryogenic sperm bank of key carp species for aquaculture production has successfully completed breeding trials of rohu, mrigal, silver carp, and bighead carp in nine selected hatcheries in four…