Fish-Bean-Vegetable Soup, Recipe From Zambia

Bowl of fish-bean-vegetable soup on white lace tablecloth
Photo by Farayi Muzofa/WorldFish

Lora Iannotti

Recipe by WorldFish

This month’s featured recipe is an easy-to-prepare, nutritious meal all in one dish. The soup uses assorted powders, including one from small fish, and only requires a brief cooking period. Small fish are highly concentrated in several critical nutrients such as long-chain fatty acids important for brain development, vitamins A and B12, zinc, and iron. Furthermore, small fish can be environmentally sustainable and affordable as an animal-protein food. This recipe blends other powders from mushrooms, garlic, and green leafy vegetables to offer additional important nutrients like vitamin D as well as antioxidants and other health-promoting compounds. Some additional benefits to note:

  • The fish-bean-vegetable soup is a nutrient-dense meal, thus good for promoting healthy growth and development in children or supporting the extra nutrient requirements of pregnant and lactating women.
  • The soup offers a range of flavors that can be introduced to young children, encouraging varied food preferences later in life.
  • Most of the soup’s ingredients can ensure food safety as powders with long shelf lives, largely resistant to contamination.
  • Finally, this easy soup recipe can also reduce time burden on those preparing the meals in the household!

Recipe card for fish-bean-vegetable soup



This recipe appears in the Fish-Based Recipes booklet developed by WorldFish. For more information and additional recipes from Zambia, visit


Published June 28, 2021