Masey Smith


  • Program Manager



Masey Smith serves as the program manager for the Fish Innovation Lab. In her role, she leads programmatic efforts to advance and promote best practices in aquaculture and fisheries within vulnerable populations and areas of inquiry. 

Smith is additionally the program manager for Mississippi State University Global Center for Aquatic Health and Food Security. She holds diverse experience in program management, grantsmanship, and principal investigator duties, ranging from funders such as the U.S. Agency for International Development, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Association, and the United States Department of Agriculture. Smith has worked and lived in diverse international settings, including Asia and West Africa, and worked on applied research in education reform, public health, institutional capacity-building, gender equity and social inclusion (GESI), and policy, system, and environment (PSE) changes.

Smith is actively pursuing her PhD in Public Policy and Administration at MSU. She holds an M.A. in Public Administration from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and a B.A. in English from MSU.