Glenn Ricci


  • Capacity Development and Resilience Specialist



Glenn Ricci is the capacity development and resilience specialist for the Fish Innovation Lab, providing support to research teams to broaden capacity at the individual, organizational, and institutional levels where possible along with providing solutions for continued effectiveness after the life of the activities through the lens of resilience.

Ricci is an associate coastal manager at the Coastal Resources Center (CRC) at the University of Rhode Island. He joined CRC in 2001 and is the program leader for CRC’s capacity building of coastal leaders portfolio. He heads several international capacity building activities in roles ranging from program designer, to trainer, facilitator, and evaluator. He manages CRC’s major effort in Certifying Marine Protected Area Professionals in East Africa—an innovation program that assesses on-the-job performance. Recent capacity-development roles linked to fisheries included Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Madagascar, Ghana, and Senegal. His focus is on moving capacity programs beyond training inputs and towards on-the-job performance by linking learning systems between individuals, organizations, and institutions.

Ricci also serves as the project manager for several of CRC’s projects in Asia, East Africa, Central America, and the United States. The major project currently being implemented is the USAID-funded 5-year Fish Right Program in the Philippines, which collaborates with the Government of the Philippines and six consortium members to improve the well-being of small-scale fishing communities while protecting biodiversity. Ricci collaborates with partners on areas such as climate change adaptation, behavior change strategies, coastal planning, and driving institutional performance through legitimacy and accountability mechanisms. 

Prior to joining CRC, Glenn worked in international policy development on environment and trade issues at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. He also worked in the private sector developing a marine tourism business in Latin America. Ricci has an MS in environmental management and a BS in biology.